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Career Development.

From Ladder to Lattice

The "ladder" of career progression – advancement in role, title and scope of responsibility – is not the actual route of most professionals. In truth, a career develops more like a "lattice" that builds cross-functional knowledge, new skills and abilities, and broad experiences. All of this is fueled by your initiative and willingness to contribute to different parts of the organization.

Acquiring these competencies builds your value and increases your visibility for promotion and we really like promoting from within! In short, we reward your initiative and those behaviors that help us build the EchoPark Automotive Pre-Owned brand.

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Our Philosophy... To Open Roads

While your lattice builds your skills, the ladder helps structure your advancement: from an Experience Guide up to Experience Manager, then possibly to General Manager. Oh and by the way, as a young company growing into other cities, we'd love your help to open these new markets!


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